CR-602 Rotary microtome

CR-602 Rotary microtome

It is anew product based on the successful research and development of CR-601microtome and years of practical application in various medicalinstitutions,with brand-new electronic control system.The instrument   has more stable electromechanical integrationlayout, more accurate and sensitive feed drive, more comfortable touch control,etc.Switchto industrial touch screens,Optimized the peak locking mechanism,easier todial.The top storage disk is added,Rear USB socket 5V power output,Ports forthe independent control box are reserved.

It hasthe characteristics of accurate and stable electric control, noiselessoperation, smooth slicing, high precision, reliable quality andmaintenance-free.The large hand wheel rotation feel light, long operationwithout fatigue.The precision of the left and right displacement of the knifeholder is high, which can effectively reduce the number of empty cutting afterdisplacement.  

Theinstrument can use touch screen button semi-automatic repair mode, can alsoimitate the traditional mechanical slicer manual repair mode.  

Thismachine can be operated with 2 modes: panel control mode and coarse feel wheelcontrol mode. Rotate the coarse feel wheel at the left side of the instrumentclockwise or counter-clockwise, to enable fast movement of the specimen feed orretraction. It imitates a fully manual operating machine. This function meetsthe requirements of skillful operators, and improving the work efficiencygreatly.

New features:

1.Automatic timing lubrication system;

2.Automatic shifting between rockingmode and rotation mode during sectioning;

3.Specimen retraction function, whichcan be switched on/off;

4.Specimen can be locked in theuppermost position or in any position;

5.Adjustable specimen clampangle;Precision specimen orientation with clear zero reference point;

6.Between the chuck and the Angleadjustment device, there is a quick mounting device with dovetail slider.It’seasier to replace or remove the clamp from the side;

7.Adjustable blade angle;

8.Foldable handle in the back ofmicrotome for convenient moving.

9.Non-stick coating plate;

10.Auto hibernation.The screen will beput to sleep in 15 minutes after the machine stops working. Press any button towake it up;

11.Instant display of horizontalspecimen movement,sound alert at extreme position;

12.Quick change of various tissueclamps;

13.Selectthe turn direction most comfortable with the Personalized Coarse Feed Wheel;

14.Knifeholder for low and high profile blade (optional);

15.Topstorage tray;

16.Industrialtouch screen display of machine status and TRIM/SECT parameters;

17.Largehandwheel with lead counterweight, uniform force, feel better;

18.5V2Apower output,meet the requirements of electronic devices such as humidifiers,mobile phone and Bluetooth speakers.  

Technical specification:

·Sectioning thickness range:      0.5~100μm

·Setting values    from 0.5~5μmin 0.5μm increments

               from 5~20μmin 1μm increments

               from 20~50μmin 5μm increments

               from 50~100μmin 10μm increments

·Trimming thickness range:      1~600μm

·Setting values    from1~10μm in 1μm increments

               from 10~20μmin 2μm increments

               from 20~50μmin 5μm increments

               from 50~100μmin 10μm increments

               from100~600μm in 50μm increments

·Object feed      30mm

·Vertical specimen stroke   70±1mm

·Specimen orientation horizontal: ±8°, vertical: ±8°

·Specimen retraction      5 –100 μmin 5 μm increments, can be turned off

·Electric coarse feed          20 μm/click and 800μm/s

·Step distance of coarse feed wheel:1-30μm/bar,adjustable

·Maximum specimen size (L x H x W)   50 x 60 x 40mm

·Dimensions of instrument:


·Depth (incl. waste tray):566mm

·Height: 285mm

·Net Weight:31.5 kg

·Gross Weight :37.5kg

·Work temperature:+10℃~+35℃

·Work humidity :<80%, no condensation water

·Storage temperature:+5℃~+55℃

·Store humidity:80%

·Nominal supply voltages:100~240V AC ±20V

·Nominal frequency:50/60 Hz

·Power draw:70W