3-mode Semi-automatic Rotary Microtome CR-603

3-mode Semi-automatic Rotary Microtome CR-603

        It is a new product derived from CR-601 rotary microtome whichis highly praised by lab technicians. The instrument has been speciallydesigned for the users who are used to trimming with a control box.

        Besides all the functions of CR-601 rotary microtome, there is anew function of CR-603, which is fast retraction to memory position. With theseparate control box, it offers the lab technicians 3 different modes of trimming,by control panel,by coarse feed hand wheel or by control box.

New features:

1. Separate control panel:
   It can be connected or disconnect withthe microtome easily. The parameter settings are synchronized with thein-housing control panel. It enables precise feeding.

2. Fast retraction to memory position:
After a new specimen is fitted in the clamp,the calmp will be automaticallyretracted to memory postion with a simple click on the button.

3.   Fast/Slow advance and retreat function.

Technical specification:

·Sectioning thickness range: 0.5~100μm

·Setting values: from 0.5~5µm in 0.5µm increments

·From 5~20µm in 1µm increments

·From 20~50µm in 5µm increments

·From 50~100µm in 10µm increments

·Trimming section Thickness range:1~600μm

·Setting values:from 1~10µm in 1µm increments

·From 10~20µm in 2µm increments

·From 20~50µm in 5µm increments

·From 50~100µm in 10µm increments

·From 100~600µm in 50µm increments

·Object feed:24±1mm

·Vertical specimen stroke:70±1mm

·Specimen orientation:horizontal: ±8°, vertical: ±8°

·Specimen retraction:5 – 100 µm,in 5 µm increments, can be turned off

·Electric coarse feed:   20 µm/click and 1000(2000)µm/s or set speed of coarse feed wheel from 1~30μm.

·Blade holder base movement:± 24 mm

·Maximum specimen size (L x H x W):50 x 60 x 40mm

·Dimensions basic instrument:

·Width (incl. 2 handwheels on both sides):480mm

·Depth (incl. waste tray):577mm


·Net Weight :29 kg

·Work temperature:+10℃~+35℃

·Work humidity:<80%, no condensation water

·Nominal supply voltages:100~240V AC (±20V)

·Nominal frequency:50/60 Hz

·Power draw:70W

Separate control box: