Tissue Floatation and Baking Processor

Tissue Floatation and Baking Processor


· Independentpartition,thermostat controls the temperature of the floatation area and thebaking area.Accurate temperature control,the accuracy can reach±2,uniform heating;

· Noncontactinfrared temperature measuring device is adopted in the floatation area.Whenchanging water to clean, there is no need to manually reverse the temperaturemeasuring head;

·Can beon/off.The light in the floatation bath can be adjusted in multiple stages toget a better view and meet the needs of different technicians;

·Thebooth container is transparent, high temperature resistant and high lighttransmittance.It’s easy to change water and clean because of the handles onboth sides;

·Thebaking area is designed to prevent side-slip,to avoid slide risk.Bake up to 30slides.And has the function of pre-baked (drain) and direct baked (stickbaked);

· It'sergonomically designed instrument with compact body and optional vertical andhorizontal baking table.Long time operation is not easy to fatigue;

· Multipleoverheat protection to avoid dry burning,safe and reliable;

·Automaticmemory function when power off.Automatically restore the last temperaturecontrol settings as turn it back on;

· Specialblack scratch resistant coating.Floatation is easy to observe.Baking area wearresistant,non-stick and easy to clean.

Technical specification:

·Rated voltage: 220V  

·Rated frequency: 50/60Hz  

·Rated power: 500W  

·Master fuse10A


·Floatation bath270L*178W*60Hmm

·Baking table30 slides


·Relative humidity20-80%,No condensation

·Working environment temperature range0~+40

·Floatation temperature control rangeIndoor temperature ~75