2-mode Rotary Microtome

 2-mode Rotary Microtome

     Our company's R&D team developed the CRAFTEK CR-601ST semi-motorized rotary microtome.It features a humanization designed operation system, smooth rotation and sectioning, high-precision and maintenance-free operation. Unique specimen location, accurate blade holder, convenient handwheel locking device , enable efficient operation, high-precision and safer sectioning. Optinized internal mechanisms improve the rigidity of the instrument.

      This machine is designed for frequent and high-precision sectioning in hospitals, medical colleges, research laboratories, inspection and quarantine institutions for animal and plant, and judicial identification institutions. Performance meets German machines.

This machine can be operated with 2 modes: panel control mode, and 2nd   hand wheel control mode.

   Rotate the 2nd smaller hand wheel (which controls the servo motor in the machine) at the left side of the instrument clockwise or counter-clockwise, to enable fast movement of the specimen feed or retraction. It imitates a fully manual operating machine. This function meets the requirements of skillful operators, and improving the work efficiency greatly.

       The operators can also press the buttons on the panel to enable the movement

of specimen feed or retraction, like a standard semi-automatic instrument does.     

       The operators can work alternatively with the two control modes.

Below is the link of working video:



Technical specification:

·Sectioning thickness range: 0.5~100μm

·Setting values: from 0.5~5µm in 0.5µm increments

·From 5~20µm in 1µm increments

·From 20~50µm in 5µm increments

·From 50~100µm in 10µm increments

·Trimming section Thickness range:1~600μm

·Setting values:from 1~10µm in 1µm increments

·From 10~20µm in 2µm increments

·From 20~50µm in 5µm increments

·From 50~100µm in 10µm increments

·From 100~600µm in 50µm increments

·Object feed:24±1mm

·Vertical specimen stroke:70±1mm

·Specimen orientation:horizontal: ±8°, vertical: ±8°

·Specimen retraction:5 – 100 µm,in 5 µm increments, can be turned off

·Electric coarse feed:   20 µm/click and 1000(2000)µm/s or set speed of coarse feed wheel from 1~30μm.

·Blade holder base movement:± 24 mm

·Maximum specimen size (L x H x W):50 x 60 x 40mm

·Dimensions basic instrument:

·Width (incl. 2 handwheels on both sides):480mm

·Depth (incl. waste tray):577mm


·Net Weight :29 kg

·Work temperature:+10℃~+35℃

·Work humidity:<80%, no condensation water

·Nominal supply voltages:100~240V AC (±20V)

·Nominal frequency:50/60 Hz

·Power draw:70W